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In a crazy marketing world, Lara is picky about who she aligns herself with. Scroll below to see who has made the cut so far.

Art by:  Vai Yu Law Photography   L:  @parisa_108  R: @laraaliceyoga

Art by: Vai Yu Law Photography

L: @parisa_108 R: @laraaliceyoga


Lara (and @parisa108) frequented this gorgeous sunlight eatery in their teacher training days- so much, in fact, that they are now proud Grow-Op ambassadors. The food is incredible; locally sourced, vegan, organic, fresh made in-house. The staff are cool. The owner is probably the kindest person on this planet (saved the best point for last). If you find yourself in Ossington, you should find yourself at the Grow-Op (Lara will probably be there eating a sweet potato sandwich). 

Art by: Lara Alice Yoga

Art by: Lara Alice Yoga


What's in a name? WELO stands for We-Love, and they do. WELO truly curates their probiotic products carefully for consumers. If you're drinking or eating WELO products, you're getting the best of the best and your body will thank you. WELO also donates 5 cents from every bottle sold towards working with local communities and building water wells in Africa. WELO products have become a staple in Lara's life. 

Third eyewear colour therapy glasses

Canadian made. Mood setting. Trend setting. What's not to love? These high-end glasses with interchangeable lenses can help you go with the flow or switch it up. You can even practice yoga in them (as tested by Lara at 7 am during the first snowfall in Toronto, see the chilly clip here)